Iconic underwear brand, Bonds, is loved by most generations of Aussies but after decades of appealing to mums and dads, Bonds had lost touch with Gen Z.

Introducing - Big Icon Energy. To crack this notoriously difficult audience, we looked for 4 Gen Z icons to help build out our energy packed film: dancer Lance Savali, pop icon Mia Rodriguez, musicians Kinder, and Olympic skater Keegan Palmer.

In a bold take on the traditional Bonds brand look and feel, we took cues from streetwear and nineties nostalgia to land a fisheye editorial look that was unlike anything seen in a Bonds store before. An iconic font created the hero lock-up. The clothes themselves inspired the colour palette and the iconic prints and patterns carried through the entire design system. We even designed an energy drink and used it to package the undies. 

The message is loud and clear, this is not your parents’ Bonds.