We celebrated the parallels between an iconic Australian brand and the nation that shaped it.

We gave Colorbond Steel the brand refresh it needed, creating something that would be able to flex to different audiences. Something that would build consistency and coherency across all brand touchpoints. Something that would be visually distinct and ownable for the brand. To create this new identity, we looked inwards at our product truth and heart and developed a design system that celebrates the duality of Australia’s beauty and strength, whilst also staying true to the brand heritage. 

Taking the iconic ‘O’ out of Colorbond Steel we developed a sophisticated Keyline Circle to be used as a bold and expressive graphic device. We then translated this new design system across all Colorbond Steel assets ensuring consistency and coherency in how the brand shows up. We developed print assets for both commercial and residential audiences and crafted point of sale tools and collateral for our sales representatives. Even designing new brand merchandise to make sure all brand touch points were considered.