We relaunched Kathmandu for the first time in 30 years, by showing Aussies that being outside is good for our wellbeing.

We overhauled a previously functional brand and filled it with bold, nature-inspired joy by showing the transformation physiological effects nature has on people. When we spend time outdoors, our stress goes down, our empathy goes up, we feel happier and we become more creative. This scientific truth led us to a new brand platform: We’re Out There and informed every decision in a joy-filled brand identity overhaul. Out with the conservative, expected and staid. In with a vibrant new world of bold, nature-inspired, colour-filled joy.

We reinvigorated Kathmandu’s iconic twin peak logo by flooding the previously flat logomark with vivid natural cues and adjusted its proportions to create greater impact. Then, we dramatically expanded Kathmandu’s colour palette to better reflect the diverse beauty of the great outdoors and paired the Kathmandu logomark with a font that embodied our new ‘out there’ positioning.