We created a symbolic brand for a new luxury lamb.

Third generation livestock breeders, the Gilmore family, had bred something truly special — an entirely new breed of lamb known as the Australian White. Sensing an opportunity to position their lamb within the luxury market, we established the need to construct a brand name and identity that would launch their product to premium wholesalers and restaurants, in Australia and internationally. While studying the heart of the brand we were struck by the vision and craft of the two Gilmore brothers, Martin and Graham. It felt appropriate to name the Gilmore’s lamb in recognition of the two brothers and their collective effort, meddling their names to reflect the melting properties of the lamb itself - Margra Lamb. Bringing this idea to life, a logo was created depicting the gentle entwining of two strands in the shape of an ‘M’, we developed a brand identity and design system inspired by the golden and melded hues of the brothers’ estate at twilight.