We looked at an iconic Australian brand with fresh eyes.
Embracing the best of R.M.Williams’ storied past and Australian outback roots, we wanted to reinvigorate the brand and ready it for expansion into global markets including London and New York. To do this, we needed to find a new way to celebrate the authenticity, integrity and 80 year history of the R.M. Williams story, while strengthening its fashion credentials to connect with a more urban, millennial audience. To do this we had to really understand and build trust with the brand’s key audiences. So we travelled to visit the South Australian leather workshop, as well as RM’s master craftsmen and rural stockists. At the same time, we researched and collaborated with global fashion tastemakers in key markets. With these diverse perspectives in play, we developed an entirely new brand experience, embracing the best of the brand’s storied past, while establishing a relevant premium identity for new global audiences. A new design platform altered everything from store design to packaging, communications and more - while a brand campaign debuted in rural cinemas before launching online.