We told the story of Australia’s original wagyu herd.

Stone Axe Pastoral Company had a sizable east coast operation which had pioneered the breeding of ‘full blood’ wagyu cattle in Australia. To consolidate its position in the industry we needed to develop a unique identity to reintroduce the brand to the market. But in a category saturated with imagery of sturdy cows and steely-eyed farmers standing in rolling green pastures, we had to find a way to differentiate Stone Axe Wagyu, while also firmly establishing it as a leader with a credible legacy in the viciously competitive wagyu market. Our inspiration came from the stories of Stone Axe Wagyu’s original founder, Chris Walker. It’s this pioneering tale which informed our positioning of Stone Axe Wagyu as The Original Australian Full Blood Wagyu — and our visual identity paid homage to Chris’s entrepreneurial spirit. In our logo, clean linework forms a bull’s head, a modern icon reminiscent of Japanese calligraphy. Black and white photography of horseback drovers, the cattle and the rugged Australian landscape was captured by renowned photographer Gary Heery — evoking a pioneering past and establishing Stone Axe Wagyu as a classic yet contemporary brand clearly differentiated from its hyper-saturated competitors.