Sacha Baron Cohen becomes the rogue umpire in Uber Eats’ ‘Tonight, I’ll be eating for love’ Australian Open campaign.

We hijacked the Australian Open by introducing a rogue umpire and free Uber Eats. For the 2021 Australian Open campaign - Tonight, I’ll Be Eating For Love - we partnered with Uber Eats to create an entirely new character, The Rogue Umpire, which was created and performed by comedian and creator of Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen.

Throughout the campaign, The Rogue Umpire was constantly sabotaging the game in order to maintain love on the scoreboard during tennis matches featuring world number one Ash Barty and Nick Kyrios. 

While the Rogue Umpire (Cohen) tried to keep love on the scoreboard, Uber Eats posted a promo code on their Instagram to unlock free menu items every time the point score was love during the Australian Open. When there was no longer love in the point score, the code disappeared. 

Partner & CCO, Special Group Australia, Julian Schreiber, said: “This is our third Australian Open campaign for Uber Eats, so we wanted to do something new, while still packing a punch for the brand. We realised Uber Eats could again own specific moments in the tennis - this time when the score is love.”