Uber Eats delivers to all 47 prefectures of Japan. In fact, our drivers have covered over 386 million kilometres.

That’s a return trip to the sun or 500 return trips to the moon or 965,762 trips to the International Space Station (ISS). However, there were still those who couldn’t get access to their favourite meals, so we went above and beyond to reach some of the most remote people in the universe and deliver to a 48th location - the ISS.

We know that nothing makes you feel more remote than checking Uber Eats and seeing there's nothing around. A feeling the crew aboard the ISS knew a little bit about so we expanded our delivery radius by sending Uber Eats to space. We captured the delivery moment to our hungry astronauts and showed the global reach of Uber Eats celebrating this successful out of this world delivery by offering users a discount off their next Uber Eats order.

The campaign gained 6.3 million in earned media value in the US alone with a 110% increase from the previously best performing campaign. 35.2 million impressions were garnered on our social content about space and the promo with 73,000+ mentions across earned social platforms.