Foods and Goods, Like That! 

Everyday in Taiwan is hecticly charged. While convenience culture is rife, delivery of food and goods at any given moment is the next evolution of this to keep up with the chaos and drive of the day to day. 

To assist, we enlisted the help of an unexpected duo to launch ‘Delivery Like That’ with two infamous singers and fashion icons among their generation, E.SO and Dee.

Dee is a Taiwanese TV host, comedian, actress, and singer, well known for her quick-witted humor, bold and narcissistic personality, all whilst being a power mom of three daughters. E.SO is a Taiwanese rapper and hip-hop singer and beloved by the younger generation due to his honest personality, attractive appearance and relatable lyrics. 

While it might be unexpected to see the worlds of E.SO and Dee collide, with a shared love of dance, fitness and tattoos, E.SO and Dee surprisingly compliment each other really well. 

Bringing the passions and captivating dynamics of E.SO and Dee together in a series of films and content amplified across OOH, social, digital and online platforms, UberEats creates a world where the two unite to get anything delivered now, with ultimate hype.