Uber Eats offer the widest late night delivery coverage in Japan so to drive awareness of this unique service and boost the brand’s popularity, we created “QR PJs”.

Our QR PJs turned classic nightwear into the easiest way to order food late at night, making the process so simple, consumers could do it in their sleep. The scannable pyjama print offered QR codes that link straight to all of Japan’s favourite cuisines on the Uber Eats app.

The PJ’s were communicated through a shopping channel pastiche where we overdramatised how to use the QR code and spread the message that Uber Eats were offering ¥3,000 off users’ first order. We also utilised ‘Tonight, I’ll be eating…’ talent - Matt Rose to model our PJ’s forming a connection to the brand platform and to generate excitement through his social following.

Our PJ’s became an icon for Uber Eats late night delivery. We saw a 75% increase in monthly acquisitions and 78% late night messaging takeout becoming the most loved Uber Eats social campaign to date.