We inspired the next generation of Weet-Bix kids by fueling their aspirations. By creating an integrated campaign for Weetbix,we positioned Weet-Bix as more than just a popular breakfast choice amongst parents and children. With a new brand positioning, ‘Feed the Belief’, we encouraged parents and children to fuel the big ambitions and dreams of young Australians with Weet-Bix.

Dave Hartmann, Strategy Partner, Special Group Australia, said: “We all start life with an innate sense of unfiltered optimism. But it’s shown that from the ages of 6-11, childlike belief gets chipped away at. Creativity gets taught out of us, cynicism and self-doubt creeps in and dreams get black hatted. In short, the smaller we are the greater we believe. So as Australia’s iconic champion of the spirit that lives within every Aussie kid, it makes sense that Weet-Bix helps keep that child size belief alive.”