Introducing Special Wellington

We believe that if you want a different result you have to try a different approach.

One of the reasons we founded Special 14 years ago was to deliver better results
for brands and companies with more effective strategic approaches and more
ambitious creative thinking.

We also wanted to create a better place to work – to attract and inspire the very best
talent in the country.

And along the way, help create a better New Zealand.

Because we believe creativity has the ability to do all of that, and much more.

Since then we’ve been named ‘New Zealand Advertising Agency of the Year’
by all major industry publications and the ‘Most Effective Agency’ in all of Asia Pacific
by the APAC Effie Awards.

But we believe we’re just getting started.

And after opening offices in Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles, we’re
about to open what could be the most important Special office yet. 


It might not be our biggest office, but we believe it could create the most significant change.

So, we’re looking for ambitious companies and brands that share our vision and want
to help make this country a better place. 

And we’re also looking for account service, creative and strategic brains that want to do
the best work of their lives and help create something, well... special.

Because if we really want to lower the road toll, tackle the country’s suicide rates,
create better outcomes around drinking, or get more Kiwi rushing to get fully vaccinated,
then we’re going to have to look at each of these challenges in a different and new way.

And a good place to start would be by getting the most talented strategic and creative
people in the world to apply their thinking to them.

If you’d like to join us in changing the world get in touch with Special General Manager
John Marshall, at