Wake Your Warrior

MMA fitness brand Wimp 2 Warrior wanted the world to realise the transformational power of their programme. They needed a brand that lived up to their ambition and the life-changing power of their product. A new global sports/lifestyle brand that breaks conventions and reframes global perceptions of MMA training.

We started with a new name: Alta, encapsulating the new heights and the transformation the programme offers. An new voice speaks to everyday people beyond the world of MMA, asking ‘What are you fighting for?’ and inspiring them to ‘Wake your warrior’.

Next, a new brand identity. Appealing to a wide audience, we showcased the mental, physical and emotional benefits that the programme offers. Tapping in to unanimously glowing participant testimonials, we showcased real Alta Warriors and their stories – revealing the many ways Alta Warrior Training unlocks confidence, resilience and self-belief.

The new name and brand identity was introduced in a live global launch event MCed by Alta ambassadors Laura Sanko and Daniel ‘DC’ Cormier, and rolled out across all global platforms and gyms. 

The Alta 20-week programme is the toughest fitness challenge you’ll ever face – but it has the power to change your life forever. For the first time, this transformative programme has a brand to help it reach its global potential.