New Zealand’s first 100% Ocean Waste Plastic Bottle

8 million tonnes of plastic waste enters the ocean every year, killing millions of animals. 

It’s a problem so big, most brands would prefer to wash their hands of it. ecostore decided to wash their hands with it, by creating New Zealand’s first product made from 100% sea waste — Ocean Breeze Hand Wash. 

This 100% Ocean Waste Plastic bottle led to the removal of over half a tonne of plastic waste from the world’s oceans. 

The design solution included 3 limited edition illustrations of our oceans. The brand’s iconic white bottles turned sea blue, disrupting the norm and signalling a significant change worth noticing. The bottle form was re-engineered, debossing the logo into the plastic itself.

ecostore created 20,000 bottles that are refillable from a chain of 60 refill stations nationwide, so that people can re-use this eco-friendly bottle over, and over, and over. Sales from the bottle go towards supporting not-for-profit organisation Sea Cleaners to pull even more plastic from the ocean — creating a perfect circle.

Special thanks to Tomas Cottle for bringing the illustrations to life.

The new format went so swimmingly, ecostore sold out of the Ocean Breeze Hand Wash nationwide.