Te Ata – The Dawn

Sharing stories of Aotearoa and the significance of our place to our people.

Beyond our landscapes and coastlines, it’s the kindness and generosity – Manaakitanga – of kiwis that makes Aotearoa such a welcoming destination. For Tourism New Zealand this is a core value of their brand and sets strong ambition to share genuine hospitality with the world, through a true means of connection.

This idea of a genuine warm welcome was central to a new brand campaign for Tourism New Zealand, where we invited New Zealanders to express and share a sincere ‘Good Morning’ with the rest of the world, at the beginning of every new day.

At the heart of the ‘Good Morning World’ campaign was a deeper cultural truth. The story of ‘Te Ata – The Dawn’ acknowledges the significance of the dawn and new beginnings for Māori. Cultural integrity was vital to bringing this story to life respectively and great care was taken as we considered Te Ao Māori. 

We launched the campaign by capturing the first light of a new day from one of the most cultural significant places in Aotearoa to witness the sunrise – Te Maunga Hikurangi, East Coast, North Island, New Zealand. Through collaboration with local Iwi (Ngāti Porou), Mana Whenua, our extended Tourism New Zealand whānau, local providers and the wider East Coast community, we farewelled the darkness and welcomed the new day and new beginnings.

We then travelled throughout Aotearoa for a further 364 days, letting different New Zealanders share how they experience every new day and express manaakitanga with the rest of the world.