Karma Drinks believe what you drink should not only taste good, it should be good for the land, good for the people who grow the ingredients and as good for you as a fizzy drink can be. We worked with the guys to develop the Karma Drinks brand, creating a platform robust enough to build on into various other products. As long as they are fairtrade and organic, they are part of the family. So, we designed the happy-go-lucky Lemmy and the fiery freedom-fighter Gingerella. In a timely fashion, Karma Cola's Sugar Free brother soon followed and, last but not least, the sunny little fresher up, Summer.

Special thanks to Beck Wheeler, James Stewart, Matt Campbell and Stephen Richardson for their delightful illustrations across the brands.

It’s not artificial anti-sugar, it’s just sugar free, pure and simple. We think a clean, simple white version of our good-karma angel calls out the positive vibes just right. No baddies in sight.

As a lemon, it may not seem luck is always on your side but, whistling his way through life, Lemmy thinks he’s the luckiest guy in the world.

This ginger is grown organically by farmers in Wayamba, Sri Lanka and traded directly. Gingerella is the brand’s activist heroine and ginger-powered pin-up. #tastethejustice

Made with organic Valencia oranges from the wild San Luis Potosi region in Mexico, a dash of Fairtrade organic sugar and a healthy helping of sunshine. We call her Summer. Enjoy chilled.