Kiwibank presented a rare challenge: a brand so many New Zealanders loved but had such low consideration for. This was driven by a lack of relevancy, expertise and an old-school Kiwiana perception.

Our approach started with a total relook at all aspects of the visual identity and consumer touchpoints, right down to how people perceived the name itself. Kiwibank has Kiwi at the heart of it but that means different things to every single New Zealander and, unfortunately, a more nostalgic view of Kiwi was tainting the brand. We saw an opportunity to set out what Kiwi means in 2022, a fresh vision of how well Kiwi are doing domestically and internationally, to reflect just how modern Kiwibank is.

‘This is Kiwi’ reframes what it means to be Kiwi today – therefore reframing Kiwibank – by celebrating modern-day Kiwi values that represent a more progressive, game-changing and diverse Aotearoa.

This new brand platform has influenced our whole approach – new brand platform, comms platform, visual identity, brand and retail campaigns, even delivering an innovative home loan proposition to market, helping Kiwi get into the property market. ‘This is Kiwi’ will help position Kiwibank as a more credible, modern and innovative banking partner for New Zealanders.

Evolving the Kiwibank identity from their heritage green to black signals a change to a more modern bank that is proud to own our national colour. The identity was inspired by the concept of a thriving Aotearoa and was designed around the te ao Māori metaphor for a thriving whānau and community, symbolised in pā harakeke.

In the first instance, the brand campaign reflects this ambition by featuring future-focused and ambitious Kiwi – Allbirds, Dawn Aerospace, UBCO, Banqer, Emirates Team New Zealand and pop-duo Broods – all leaders in their respective fields and making a positive impact here in Aotearoa and on the world stage.

But the platform was not just about Kiwi success on the world stage, to demonstrate its commitment to helping Kiwi thrive and prove the platform, ‘This is Kiwi’ took to market an innovative home loan product – Co-own. Co-own is an alternative option to traditional home ownership that lets you team up with friends and whānau to buy property together.

We have also re-developed Kiwibank’s everyday banking comms that brings to life our brand promise of helping make Kiwi better off and provides better value to customers.