In order to motivate New Zealanders to take out life insurance and to protect themselves from unexpected deaths, Partners Life used dead people as their spokespeople. Not just any old dead people, but rather ones that our audience would want to listen to. Ones they were already paying attention to – And all without knowing they were watching an ad.

Hence why we teamed up with the country’s most popular ‘murder mystery’ TV show, and created a sneaky media-hijacking campaign. Across the 6-episode series, a character dies in every episode, in a different unexpected way, giving us 6 different characters, stories and approaches to talk to our audience, week after week, about the importance of life insurance.

Running within the show, before the credits, using the same actors, directors, sets, and everything, it’s an ad campaign that doesn't look or behave like an ad campaign, one that pays for media yet earns attention beyond the break.

The campaign captured the attention of NZ, turning a nation apathetic to life insurance into one actively engaged with it. The unique approach overcame the barriers we faced and made life insurance impossible to ignore. Its effective integration cause one person to complain to the Advertising Standards Association saying, “I felt I had been tricked into watching this advertisement.” Job done.