Brace yourself for a summer so jampacked that there’s no time to sleep. The reason? Part of Kathmandu’s new summer collection, dubbed SUN-Stopper, boasts a UPF 50+ rating, meaning wearers can stay “out there” even longer. And since it looks good too, you can keep wearing it for whatever you’ve got planned at night. Who’s up for an owl DJ set?

In this instalment of the “We’re out there” platform, a group of friends set out on an adventure that flows from night into day and back into night as simply as a merman flipping a light switch. Because, day or night – it’s all summer to us. And because sleep no longer holds sway, everything associated with it has been repurposed. Pillows have become campfire marshmallows, nocturnal animals are your best friends and sheep nod off while counting humans. It’s a surreal tale, that entices Kathmandu-ers to cram in every ‘out there’ experience they can this summer.