Together Incredible

This is a masterclass in how to win a Cannes Grand Prix — innovation, big ambition and a little bit of luck.

In 2009 we pitched for the Orcon business with this idea. Just eight weeks later our first Skype commercial with Iggy was on air (that’s where the luck came in).

The idea was to connect nine New Zealanders from their living rooms to Iggy Pop in Miami to re-record his iconic song ‘The Passenger’. What better way to demonstrate the power of Orcon Broadband?

Audition videos were submitted through a brand new social media platform called Facebook (you might have heard of it). The first time in New Zealand that Facebook had been used as the destination point in a major TV campaign.

The live stream recording session formed the basis of a campaign that drove massive business success, smashing awareness and acquisition targets and put Orcon on the map.

The campaign generated over $1million dollars of PR coverage, won EFFIE awards for effectiveness and was judged the best ad in the world by Adstars. Covered by CNN, Vanity Fair and called one of the best TV moments of the year by The Listener, Special was even congratulated in Parliament.

It won more awards than we had shelf space for, including a Cannes Grand Prix, just 18 months after opening our doors.

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