Finally, Apples with attitude

Apples are the supporting cast of the fruit world. The saying ‘comparing apples to apples’ shows just how little difference there is in the category. Rockit needed to break the mould. 

Finally, apples with attitude. 

Rockit have a history of rocking it and constantly challenging the status quo. From the on-the-go tubes they come in to the incredible source of energy they offer. So we developed them a new brand to communicate this energy, while also amplifying our cheeky challenger mindset to make the brand inspiring, engaging and different to anything the category had seen before.


The identity included a new logomark and identity, packaging, cartons, website, digital content, signage and livery. We created a suite of iconic symbols derived from the typography of the new word mark. The counter space in the ‘a’ forms our leaf symbol and apple seed. The quarter apple segment is based on the shape of half an ‘o’ letterform. The symbols range from the more descriptive (apples, leaves and blossoms) to the more symbolic (lightning bolt, star and exclamation mark). The new colour palette reflects the natural environment where Rockit apples are grown and the seasonal colour changes of flora and land throughout the year.