Healing the world through indigenous innovation

Rua Bioscience is a Māori-owned social-commercial enterprise based in Ruatōria, in the Gisborne region, that uses sustainable growing practices and leading-edge plant science to cultivate pharmaceutical-grade cannabis. Rua’s vision is to operate a sustainable business that heals the whenua, while providing security and prosperity to its tangata and future generations.

We were tasked with the leading the brand identity and bringing to life Rua’s purpose and values of mauitanga (innovation), oranga (health) and whanaungatanga (relationships) – all woven together in the concept of kotahitanga (unity).

The idea is one of duality, informed by Rua’s elegant balance of commerce and community, science and nature, bold innovation and business pragmatism, he tangata he whenua.

The company is based in Ruatoria, or ‘Rua’ to locals. With dual meanings in te reo – ‘two’ and ‘storage pit’ – the brand is a container of knowledge, research and development, technologies and intellectual property that can benefit humanity.

Avoiding clinical, white visuals to communicate professionalism, earthbound, organic shapes and colours pair with clean, simple visuals to reflect the concepts of harmony, unity and duality and the brand’s strong connection to place.

Rua’s inline logo signals duality as well. Influenced by shapes found in carving, the opposing stem endings express a plant blooming, while open rounded terminals denote the welcoming community behind the brand.

The result is a brand that holds true to Rua Bioscience’s Te Ao Māori roots and represents the brand’s purpose, ethos, values and world view.