365 Days of Kiwis Saying, ‘Good Morning World’

Tourism New Zealand’s ‘100% Pure New Zealand’ brand platform has established NZ as the ultimate destination for natural landscapes for the past 20 years.

However many of our competitors were now emulating our simple strategy of showing off New Zealand’s stunning scenery (and significantly outspend us).

Research showed that many visitors come to New Zealand for the scenery, but leave talking about the people.

The warm, genuine Kiwis who will go out of their way to make your visit special. Afterall, you’ve travelled a long way to get here!

Tourism New Zealand evolved their strategy from ‘100% Pure New Zealand’ (scenery) to ‘100% Pure Welcome’ (people).

They brought it to life in a very unique way... by having a different Kiwi say ‘Good Morning World’ every day - for an entire year. 

365 messages of warmth and welcome, to a world that desperately needs a little bit of positivity to start their day. 

Over 605 million impressions and 12 million likes and comments later, searches for ‘New Zealand’ have grown by a record 1,590%. 

And over 60 countries have said ‘Good Morning’ back so far.