What goes around comes around

Karma Cola was started in New Zealand as a social enterprise drinks company. Their purpose is to take on the world’s biggest consumer brand, and in the process give back to the West African community of Boma, where the cola nut originated.

They believe what you drink should not only taste good, it should be good for the land, good for the people who grow the ingredients and as good for you as a fizzy drink can be. We designed the brand around the idea of ‘Good vs Evil’ — what goes around, comes around. 

The identity and collateral uses memorable West African angel and devil characters in a modern tongue-in-cheek way, keeping the brand fresh, fun and appealing — definitely not ‘worthy’.

Based on this solid purpose-led platform, Karma Drinks has extended its brand into a full range of soft drinks. We’ve since designed the happy-go-lucky Lemmy, the fiery freedom-fighter Gingerella, Karma Cola’s Sugar Free brother and, last but not least, the sunny little fresher up, Summer. 

Now sold in 23 countries... and counting.