Helping Aussies develop a taste for Uber Eats.

We put Uber Eats on the menu in Australia. In 2017 we were challenged to officially launch the brand into the relatively new yet highly competitive food delivery market. Their ambition was not simply to gain market share but to be the category leader. Within 1 year, we'd help propel Uber Eats from a distant fourth to clear market leader with unprompted brand awareness over 90% (that's higher than McDonalds, KFC or Domino's). The transformative 'Tonight I'll be eating...' platform picked up seven Cannes Lions and won the Mumbrella Campaign of the Year.

‘Tonight I’ll Be Eating’ is a long-term creative platform that is now running in eight countries. The latest work featured Sharon from Kath and Kim… only with a stand-in Kim.

This was a cultural phenomenon in Australia which generated 40 million media impressions and lifted brand preference by a whopping 18%.